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December 18th 2012 7:10 am

How can I get my iPod Touch and iPad to consistently connect wirelessly to iTunes and sync or use the remote app?

Basically, 90% of the time, my iPod Touch and iPad don't connect to iTunes wirelessly leaving me having to sync with cords or having a dropped connection almost every time I try to sync wirelessly. I've set my iPod, iPad, and laptop to have static IPs hoping that that would work but it's not. Any help would be appreciated.
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I am assuming you are on Windows, because I have had the same issues (but not on OS X). Here is what has made it work reliably for me.
  1. Use iTunes 11. Not sure if this is required, but I gave up getting it to work on iTunes 10 on Windows. Specifically, I am on iTunes
  2. Make sure you have the "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" (You probably do, just just saying).
  3. Now, close iTunes.
  4. Restart the service called "Apple Mobile Device".
  5. Bring up iTunes.
  6. It should work now.
I have to restart this service every time I reboot, but I don't do that often, so it's not too bad.
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