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August 28th 2014 3:48 pm

How can i mirror my android phone on pc/mac? The screen of my phone is broken so i cannot access my phone and the phone is screen locked with password. Help!

I have a samsung galaxy S3. And i want to extract my data from it. While the screen is broken and the phone is screen locked. I've tried doing it with Samsung pc suit i.e. Kies which isn't helpful because phone is locked. And I've also tried Using utilities like Droid@Screen, Android Screencast or Android Screen Monitor but again it requires to enable an option from developers mode under settings which is not accessible due to broken screen. i just need my data. please help!

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U can take ur memory & or sim card install in ur computer to retreat info or another fone lik eurs
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Just plug it in via USB cable to your computer, it should show up under your storage devices, unless you specificity turned that option off on your phone, this way you can get all your data from the internal storage. If matters are worse, or this can't help you, the only way to get around this, is to get a screen part from a friend, which you can connect to your phone's Mainboard, but that requires you to take your entire device apart and is not recommended unless you have proper knowledge about the internal structure of your device.
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