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July 29th 2011 8:31 pm

How can I use Adobe Digital Editions with my nook simple touch?

To make a long story short, just bought my first dedicated eReading device: the second generation nook.

I had a Borders gift card that I needed to use ASAP (they're going out of business in case you hadn't heard) so I bought a pair of novels in the Kobo store. As it so happens, Kobo's pretty cool about loading these books on other devices: the company basically gives you the ability to download them as protected ePubs and then load them on through Adobe DRM and Digital Edition software.

I've read it's super-easy to side-load content on the device, but I'm having major issues.

I've checked a number of forums including Barnes and Nobles (­/t5­/NOOK­-Technical­-Sup...), another relevant B&N thread (­/t5­/NOOK­-Technical­-Sup...), Adobe (­/thread­/626420), and others (­/news­/loading­-books­-with­-adobe­-digital...).

They all seem to point to deleting a certain hidden Adobe subfolder (and deleting that file from the trash) and then re-launching ADE and ya...

I've tried countless times (including resetting the nook to factory settings) and no luck. I also tried opening the ADE software and then mounting the nook to my Mac and vice versa.

Anyone have any suggestions? They'd be greatly appreciated.
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After hours of feverish searching, I was finally able to load the Kobo books. Here's how:

First, I was running the 1.8 Preview-- figured it would work just as well since it was a) Lion-compatabile b) had a bunch more features c) Adobe suggested that build. For some reason, the most stable build 1.7.2 didn't want to download.

Tried everything no go.

Did a little more searching and came across this link:­/cps­/403­/kb403051.html . Basically, if you navigate to Manually install ADE for Mac OS X, you're all good. It worked beautifully from there.
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