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July 5th 2011 9:30 pm

How do I get internet connection in tablets?

I've never had a tablet or used it. Therefore the question may not make sense but here's what my question basically is: Do I have to buy Internet services like I would in pc's? If so, how do it work? Or is it possible to get internet connections without any costs?
Some of the products I'm specifically looking into are the following:
Asus - Eee Pad Transformer Tablet TF101
Acer - Iconia Tablet A500
Samsung - Galaxy Tab 10.1
Apple® - iPad® 2
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You could connect them all via Wi-Fi, or get a data plan from a carrier.
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Well here is what I do, buy a Wi-Fi and if you have a cell phone check with your carrier on deals for hotspots, this gives two solutions. One, you get internet on the go and you spend $50 less to get 5 connections. Two, if you have LTE or HSPA+ you get faster speeds then the 3G iPad. T-Mobile I get 2Gb with no overage and faster then iPad 3G speeds, till the merger and LTE comes to my town, and I get a discount as a phone user!
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Well, you can connect your selective tablet to your local (home) Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) or opt for a data plan with one of the major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile). If you connect to your house internet, then it is free of cost. But going with a carrier inflicts monthly charges upon you. But with the latter, you can take your tablet everywhere without having to look for a wireless hotspot.
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