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September 27th 2012 10:10 am

How do I get spoken map directions on my iPhone 5?

I live in Australia, so my version of Siri has an Aussie accent, but I can't hear her speaking when I'm using IOS maps to navigate. I have the voice set to "loudest" in the map settings, my phone volume up full and my car's auxiliary lead plugged into the headphone socket but I'm still not hearing anything, not even when I unplug the audio lead and start the process again. Is this a bug, or does Australia just not get spoken turn-by-turn directions yet?
I miss the excellent navigation my Samsung Nexus S had...
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According to Apple, turn-by-turn will come to Australia next month:­/ios­/feature­-availability­/­#maps­-turn­-...
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Thanks for that - I thought I was doing something wrong! I'll use another app until then.
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