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August 27th 2011 12:34 am

How do I hard reset the HP TouchPad to factory settings?

How do I hard reset the HP TouchPad to factory settings without using any software or system settings? My device was delivered to me with a passcode lock pre-installed out of the factory and I can't access it in any way. Worse is the fact that Web OS Doctor won't mount on my Mac since its on Lion and the Touchpad doesn't seem to mount even inn webs dfu mode.
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Alright, after some research it looks like it does work on the Mac, but you need to update your version of Java. The forum poster said to go here:­/downloads/ and search for Java 1.6. Once you've downloaded and installed Java 1.6, go to Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences, and on the "General" tab drag the Java 1.6 option to the top of the list to make sure that your computer tries to run Java programs with version 1.6.

Then download the WebOS doctor here and "carefully follow instructions".­/rom­/touchpad­/p302r0d08012011­/w...

Let me know if this works. If it doesn't, reply to this answer and I'll keep searching.
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