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November 25th 2013 5:15 pm

How do I make my Mac Mini go faster?

HI! I have a Mac Mini that's less than a year old. I recently upgraded it to 16gb ram, and don't have a trove of files on the hard drive - most of it is in the cloud (and I use Google Drive desktop to sync). It just seems sluggish, and yet with my MacBook Air, which has 4gb RAM, somehow that seems faster. Maybe it's because of the SSD on the latter and not the former, but wondering if there are any other tricks and tips folks have to help? Thanks!
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I'm going to recommend looking into a SSD upgrade. It may be a bit of work to get it done yourself but the iFixit guides are really good.

My old MacBook pro had a regular harddrive and when I put in an SSD everything FLEW. Even with double the RAM it did nothing until I put in the SSD.
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If you want to test it before fully committing, just buy the Samsung 120GB for around $100, test it to see the speed difference, then spend the big bucks on something bigger later if you need more space. You could always buy a cheap USB3 case to put that 120 in later, so it's not a big waste.

At work, we buy these Samsung's with every new computer and set the hard drive that shipped with the machine on a shelf to collect dust. :)
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