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December 15th 2013 3:32 am

How do I use an old iPhone without a smartphone contract ?

I currently have a cellphone but I do not really use it that much. I usually talk for less than 2 hours a month on it and send a few texts on it as well. The phone I have now does what it is supposed to do, make phone calls and send texts, but I would like to be able to use a few apps as well. I was thinking about buying an iPod touch but do not like the idea of having to carry 2 different devices. So I was thinking about buying an old, used iPhone and setting it up on a prepaid plan So here are my questions.....I am wanting to buy an old iPhone 4 or 4s (or if possible a 3 or 3G) and use it with a prepaid phone service, such as Go Phone or Straight Talk. Is this possible?
What are some of the things I would need to be aware of?
Do I need to buy a specific iPhone to do this?
How would I set this up?
Can I use a cheaper plan such as the GoPhones $25 a month plan?
If all/any of this is not possible.... Do you need a cell phone service provider for the GPS on an iPhone to work?
I do NOT need data service as I will be using wifi for any data needs.
I do not need a $50 or more all you can eat plan because I rarely make calls.
I DO need GPS to be active to help keep track of my workouts (I walk A LOT)
I do NOT want/need a brand new iPhone nor do I want an Android phone (or a Windows 8 or 7 phone)

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i would not go with anything older than an iphone 4, due to the aging firmware, most newer apps require ios 5 at least, the 3 and 3g only upgrade to ios 4.2.1 i believe. The iphone 4 will upgrage to the latest firmware 7.0.3
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I would suggest to go with iphone 4S as it is far more advance in terms of hardware and performance than its predecessor.

Yes you can use a pre-paid car, the only thing you need is an UNLOCKED iphone. If you buy a locked iphone (i.e. locked to some service provider), you need to get it unlocked by paying a little price.

Practically, all iphone can be used so no need of any specific iphone.

setting up is very easy, just start the phone. You might need an internet connection (even a wifi connection will work) for setting up itune account.

Any plan can be used, just be aware of data / roaming and other charges.

No service is required for using GPS (If you have already setup your phone once). Even if you remove sim card, GPS will still work. The map may not load in absence of internet connection. So if you are planning to use GPS with data, will suggest to download offline map for the area.

You can live without data, first time setup, app download, whatsapp and similar will require a wifi connection. You can actually block all cellular data in any smartphone including iphone.

iphone or android is a personal choice. Please read comparison b/w two OS ie. iOS and Android (windows phone is not advisable). Andriod is much more dependent on internet than iOS.

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