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September 28th 2011 6:30 pm

How do you interact with the basic Kindle?

So the basic Kindle can now be acquired for as little as $79. It doesn't have a touchscreen and it doesn't have a keyboard. How exactly does one interact with this thing? I'm sure flipping pages can be done easily with back/forward buttons, but how do I search for a book I want to download? Does it have a TiVo-like text input experience?
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I'm guessing that text is entered like most set-top boxes do it: up/down/left/right/select. I hate that, but I assume that Amazon thought about this for a while and determined that it's more worth it to them that they get the price down. Users can still search for books, which is what the majority of people use the keyboard for anyway, and most times you only need to enter a word or two.

Besides, where it's unlike many/most set top boxes, you have an alternative. You can go to any computer and order your book through the Amazon website.

I think it's a decent tradeoff, especially when everyone knew they had to get the price down. For $79, I think people won't expect all the bells and whistles.
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This video unboxing/review confirms Dignan's guess. It's like a Tivo or like entering your name in a Zelda game -­/2011­/09­/29­/new­-79­-kindle­-unboxing­-twits­-to...
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