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July 2nd 2011 2:29 pm

how do you reset your blackberry to delete everythng off ad so i can set it in my name???

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It's pretty easy.

Find the "Options" icon.

Then go to "Security". You should see an option under there that says "Security Wipe".

Select all the things you want to delete, then write the word "blackberry" to confirm the security wipe.
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You should follow the instructions in this link:­/btsc­/KB18998

Security wipe won't remove IT installed certificates.
loader.exe /resettofactory is the right way to clean up a blackberry !
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I sold my old BB to a coworker. We have BES at corporate along with some other security measures. He entered an incorrect password into the device 10 times and it wiped itself. Problem solved.
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