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September 28th 2011 12:04 pm

How does Barnes & Noble respond to Amazon's latest tablets?

Amazon's Kindle Fire now seems to be a better buy (both hardware and price) than the Nook Color. It seems to be a pretty aggressive price point.

How will Barnes & Noble respond? They've been pretty aggressive releasing the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch. The Nook Color is nearly a year old at this point as well -- so we're about due for a new tablet from them. One would think they knew Amazon would get into this market as well.

Does this signal the beginning of the end, or is the tablet war between the two biggest book sellers just beginning?
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The NookColor needs to be revamped, no questions ask. The video I just watched of the Fire's UI is much much smoother than the NookColor (even after root + OC). Unfortunately I think the NC will always just be an enthusiast device as B&N does not have the content to compete with Amazon.
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I don't think that B&N is willing to sell their device at a loss. They may have to figure out how to get more video media to their device in order to compete with Amazon.
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I was very close to buying a refurb Nook Color a month back, but decided to wait and see what Amazon brought. I would assume the current Nook Color would have to drop to at least $199 to compete.
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If I'm B&N I'm calling Netflix as soon as possible to be sure that the next Nook has streaming Netflix on it, or even call it the Netflix Nook. Just having e-reading is not going to be enough on color e-readers and Netflix may be looking for a deal.
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I fully expect B&N to put out a new Nook about a month or so after the Kindle Fire launches. That way they can try and steal the glory from the Fire and make themselves fresh in people's minds again. As for the tablet itself, I'm looking for a richer interface with more Apps.

Also, if and when Blockbuster opens their doors to the general public for their streaming service, B&N should look that way if their catalog is wide enough.
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They could add the amazon kindle app to the nook.
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