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March 12th 2012 1:12 am

How is GPS on Galaxy Nexus?

I have a Nexus S 4g, my GPS reception is off every couple of weeks. It either shows me where I was a few hours ago, or shows my location, but the label has the wrong city. I use yelp, and it messes up the location when I want to find a place nearby. A reboot fixes it and the phone is fine for a few more weeks. I'm thinking of getting a Galaxy Nexus and wanted to see what it's like for people that that have it.

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wonky - came from a N1 and G2x and the GPS with this and been hit or miss. Foursquare, google maps don't always work.
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I have never had a practical problem with my GPS on the Galaxy Nexus, and its GPS performance is a marked improvement from my previous phone, the Samsung Focus. Sometimes I have issues when indoors - but it only takes a minute or a refresh to get it to recognize where I am.
Now, I also use Google Latitude, and I have once or twice gotten a result on my history that is completely incorrect - usually still within the same city, but once two counties over and one time it even had a record of me being two states away. Even in these two instances, the GPS had corrected itself within a few minutes and the next recorded position in Latitude was more accurate. These didn't actually inconvenience me - just provided a surprise on my Latitude page. I didn't even notice, and I certainly didn't have to reboot to fix it.

Hope that helps!
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Personally the GPS is weaker than the one I had in the SGSII. But read others how have had super fast detection.
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When I have any Internet connection active it finds me in less than 10 seconds. When I'm not connected it usually takes a couple of minutes. Try using the GPS toolbox (in Google play) to update GPS data.
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