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November 8th 2012 4:56 pm

How is the Google Play Magazines user experience on a smartphone?

I am a big fan of reading magazines, and now that Google Play Magazines is available in Canada, I have been using my Nexus 7 for this purpose. (I was previously using the Zinio app, and have been slowly migrating subscriptions over)

Now with my Nexus 7, I feel the magazine experience is pretty good (sometimes i need to zoom in still) and the text mode is generally helpful. Scrolling and loading seems to be reasonably fluid.

In the near future I am probably going to be giving up my BlackBerry for an Android phone, possibly the Nexus 4 or the RAZR HD, but something in the area of 4-5 inches.

Should I expect to be able to read a few articles on a phone in a pinch? Or should I expect to just use my tablet? Has anyone tried it out?

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have been using both zinio and google play mags on my nexus 7. google play mags seem to be higher priced right now. on a 4-5" phone you'd have to pinch and zoom quite a bit, as i have to do this with my galaxy nexus phone.
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