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How is the Wireless System? I heard massive issues with Turtle Beach and I think Tritton as well with the wireless ones having interference and cutting out.

I know my xbox 360 mic cuts out quite often and I need to wait and then finish saying something. Is this true for astro? Has anyone who owns them had this issue?

Would you go wired or wireless with these?

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I've had fantastic luck with them. My primary TV room is a nightmare for anything wireless - multiple laptops, iPads, cell phones, 2 TVs, 2 Xboxes, etc., etc.

I've yet to have the Astro wireless system choke on me, but everything else I've tried is less than satisfactory.

Verdict: Expensive but worth it.
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The wireless issues I've had with my Turtle Beach Ear Force X41's have made me swear off wireless gaming headsets for now. It's been a miserable experience!

Given the option (and providing you aren't adverse to wires all over the place), I'd just go wired. Besides, it's less batteries you'll need to change every few days.
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I haven't had problems with the X41s. They run on 5GHz so that may be an issue to some. Rechargeable batteries are cheap. Audio does cut out, that's an indicator of the batteries draining.
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I've had good luck with the wireless Mix Amp 5.8, but I highly recommend getting their optional rechargeable battery. I tried using standard rechargeable AA, and they drained pretty quickly.

I currently have my gaming consoles as my computer. I connected my Mac to them via USB, and it instantly recognized them. Meanwhile, the gaming consoles and cable box are fed into a optical splitter before making their way to the Mix Amp. Now, I can both listen to music in my iTunes library while I game and all fed into my wireless headphones.
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I can also give an opinion on the performance of the Astro wireless system, what is really impressive about them Is that there is absolutelly no cracking and pop or static interference with other devices, i strongly suggest them
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