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How long does it take to recharge your 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Is it me, or does this thing take an outrageously long time to charge? I ran it down yesterday at work to about 18% (pretty easy to do on an Android device, apparently) and decided to plug it into a wall charger around lunch time.

By the time I left work 6 hours later, it was at only 82% charge! That doesn't sound correct at all. Anyone else experienced ridiculously long charging times for this tablet?
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Disclaimer: I don't have an Android tablet, I have simply used them. The over-generalizations and snark about Android devices are killing me. None of the devices I've used have had any battery/charging issues and my Nexus S typically lasts at least a third longer than my friends with iPhone 4's and charges about twice as fast (same with my Nexus One and myTouch 3G before that). With the Xoom, my friends get battery life equal to the iPad and experience no problems charging the device. I don't know anyone who's gotten a Galaxy Tab 10.1 yet though. I have to assume it's an issue with the developer version. Samsung has enough bad press already related to older Android phones that they wouldn't want more.

If only everything could have the battery life of the Kindle...
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I can't tell you anything specific about the tablets but I experienced something similar with phones. I have a samsung vibrant and a T-Mobile G2 I have noticed that when it comes to recharging the samsung takes a lot longer to reach full capacity (really annoying). Other people I know have experienced the same issues with other samsung phones . Maybe this is a decision samsung made and it has now carried over to their tablets. Who knows I could have a defective phone and you could have a defective tablet
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I just ordered mine, so I'm reserving a spot here to answer the question once I finally get it. I did a quick Google search of your issue and didn't find much. Will check back soon.
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I have to say that this device seems to charge the slowest of any I have had. The Xoom seemed to charge up fully in an hour or so but this Samsung seems to take a few hours minimum to charge. I thought there might be something wrong but the few times I have done had to charge it seems to be pretty slow each time.
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I just got a galaxy 10.1 also, and it takes just as long to charge as it does to discharge! I contacted samsung customer service and they said it would get a lot faster once I've charged it a couple times. Hopefully this is true. Did you notice any speed up in charge time?
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I have a galaxy Tab 10.1 not the developer's version. I always let me device battery fully discharge before charging.. That being said ........ When I charge the Galaxy Tab 10.1 its take more than 4 hours to fully recharge. I have had it for 2 weeks now. If I don't see a change I willl have to send it back to the online retailer or sell it on ebay. This really blows. I knew I should have waited. The price of the Xoom just dropped by 100 bucks and its price is now $400 for the 32GB xoom. Samsung really dropped th ball on this one. And if they add that touchwiz crap.... i don't think any of us will receive the Android IceCream Sandwich update. I should have learned when I got the Galaxy S phones and the original Galaxy tab. Samsung does not release updates.. now the battery charging issues. I will never buy another samsung mobile device after this ordeal
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Here's the answer.. (not a good one)­/reviews­/galaxy­-tab­-android­-ta...
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i cant find any changes no matter how many time i've recharged it...
it still the same, recharge time take more than 5 hours...
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I just found this post, after searching google for this topic. I've had my Galaxy 10.1 tab for 4 months now, probably 20-30 battery cycles, and it takes 24 hours to power up from 5-10%! It charges approx. 5% per hour, standard plug, have tried different plugs around the house to see if that makes a difference.

Called Samsung customer service earlier this evening, and the guy said it's NORMAL to take up to 24 hours for full charge. WTF?!? Are they effing kidding?!? If that's true, then this is a piece of crap product.

Anyway - I WISH my tab only took 6 or 7 hours to charge. :/
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This battery should be about 7000 MAh .. A normal smartphone has a 1100-1200 or about that number MAh... So, I suppose yes, it's normal.. It is just a lot of electricity. But they should've done better.. 6h should be enough normally my smartphone charges for 3-4 h.
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All of a sudden my note has become extremely slow to charge.
Tablet was off whilst charging and only managed 8% an hour. After 8 hours charging it was at 70%
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It used to take about 2-4 hours to completely charge.

However, my tablet's also suddenly taking forever to charge. I had it plugged in into an extension lead with my computer, and it took about 5-7 hours to charge to 70%.

Last night was even more ridiculous. I charged it for about 2 hours into my wall, and it went up about 3-5%, obviously it was unusable alone, so I used it while it was charging and I saw the percentage go down as I was watching a video. Low light, low sound only with wifi on. So I fell asleep while watching some stuff on Youtube. 8+ hours later it went from 19% to 50%.

I've read somewhere that you could either change the cord or hold down the power button and the volume button at the same time
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Same problem here. In the beginning all was fine. Long batery life (like a couple of days) and charging easily to 100% overnight. But then came the ICS update. And now charging takes me up only 50% overnight. (original cable and charger, in normal wallsocket) on top of that the discharge time has reduced to a minimum. Even when i'm not using the tab, I lose 20-30% in 8 hours. I didn't use to do that.

Tried factory resetting but no avail.

anyone else with a proper sollution? This 'mobile' device has turned into a constantly pluged machine.
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I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 I bought directly from Samsung in Japan. I did notice on 220 Volts it charged faster, but once back in the States I usually have to charge it overnight to get a full charge. FORGET about trying to maintain battery level or charge it (unless it's off) while mobile!!
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I'm having the same problem as others on this stream. My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which I purchased in June 2013, easily charged overnight for the first 6 months of its life. Then, about 3-4 weeks ago, it slowed to a snail's pace 24 hours is hardly enough to recharge. The discharge time seems to be as good as ever.

I phoned the Samsung hotline, and the tech service person told me to do a SAFE BOOT (shut down the tablet and unplug. Restart. When the SAMSUNG logo appears, hold down the "volume down" side of the volume button. The tablet will come on in SAFE MODE (check lower left for SAFE MODE words). Try charging to see whether SAFE MODE improves the recharging speed. When I did it, my tablet recharged quickly. However, the next time I tried SAFE MODE, recharging took forever again. Now, it works sometimes and it doesn't work other times.

The phone tech said she would call me back... but she never did. I am returning for another conversation with the Samsung phone tech folks.

Any insights?
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I too experience these problems on my galaxy tablet 10.1" everytime I plug it in this message pops up saying something like it will charge slowly if certain applications aren't closed I thought it was talking about holding you home button until you see everything you've done and press close all but it still continues to charge very slowly.
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