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December 13th 2012 12:48 pm

How Long Does it Take You to Charge your Nexus 7?

Obviously this depends on your use, settings, etc. But how long and how often are you needing to charge your Nexus 7?

I'm finding that, with the display set to "auto brightness" and WIFI on, that I get a day, day.5 max. Then it seems to take about 3 hours to charge from about 15% battery left.

So far the battery is my biggest disappointment with the Nexus 7. I also shouldn't have to micro-manage settings for optimal battery life. But I'm mostly concerned about the length of time it takes to get a decent charge.

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I am mostly using mine for watching video the few times a week I have time for that, and using it to write the rough draft of my next book while sitting in the coffee shop. Consequently, I have never seen my battery go below 50%, and I usually just plug it in before I go to bed.

So, even though it is not affecting me directly at this time, I don't think 3 hours charge time is unexpected considering how much bigger this battery is than a phone battery and how long those generally take to charge all the way.
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4 hours is the time taken , i switch off my nexus 7 32 gb hspa variant,
with 11% battery. i am charging through the wall socket charger
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Charging from 30-40% to full seems to be taking a long time for me. The other day I had it plugged in to a wall outlet with the charger it came with for 4+ hours (most of that time the tablet was powered off) and it still was only at about 95% when I had to unplug it to leave work. I feel like the charge times have been really inconsistent for me. Always on a wall outlet with the charger that came with it. I've never used another cord.
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I've started charging my nexus 7 which was 0% eversince 7am. And its only 33% now and its 9pm already that's about 14 hours already. What should I do?
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I noticed the same thing was happening to my Nexus 7 and I realized I had about 6 windows open and 20 tabs open in Google chrome. I exited out of all of them and I used Super task killer (Which you can find on the playstore) to kill all the applications running in the background and that pretty much solved the problem I was having. Hope this helps!!!
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It worked for me!!!
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