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September 22nd 2011 11:12 am

How many will wait to buy Vita 2/Vita 2000/Vita XL/Vita Slim?

Sony and Apple are as notorious for great looking, well functioning, top of the line devices as they are for making vast improvements on those devices in the 2nd and 3rd iterations. Back in college, my roommate bought a PSP-1000 for $275, only to sell it a year later for something like $200. Obviously he loved being an early adopter, but ultimately had to sell the device because the novelty wore off and he eventually the iPod Touch caught his eye. I bought a PSP-3000 about a 1.5 years ago and still love the thing as I have great games like MGS: Peacewalker and GoW: GoS to still beat. (I only really play it on the plane/train, if I'm at my house, I play PS3) Being an early adopter is not important to me. Having a quality device that I can use for years to come and almost be seen as an investment in entertainment, knowing that it's the top of the line is important to me.

I love the features of the PS Vita, especially the fact that it can be friendly with my PS3 and the raw power of 4 cores in my hands is salivating. Knowing that it's so powerful compared to anything it's size or competition is amazing and the price isn't $400 so it is manageable and likely will be a hot item for at least 6 months after it's launch, similar to the Wii when it first launched.

However, I see Sony being able to improve it within a year or so and that improvement to be significant, similar to the PSP-1000 vs PSP-2000 Slim. I suspect that they will be able to increase battery life, weight and maybe something else like the camera resolution or some other arbitrary features that will be a nice bonus, but not worth the upgrade to people who bought the 1st gen PS Vita.

How many people are thinking like me? Again I would love to see how it can integrate with the PS3, the transfarring aspect and power, but the price is still enough for someone like me to be able to wait, knowing that all the games coming out for it will be $40 for some time. For some background I am a buyer of used games simply because every game decreases in value so much within the first year, if not the first six months and the price difference is astounding.
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I will be preordering. I don't currently have a PSP and have been looking forward to the Vita. It will be easier to take with me when a travel than any tablet and it can be used for multimedia (movies, music) when not used for gaming. While the market for dedicated handhelds may be shrinking, I think Sony has a good chance for success with this thing.
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I will be waiting. Personally, I am tired of beta testing products for these companies. Phones, tablets, gaming devices, etc. keep coming out at break-neck speed, and yet there are usually major issues with the hardware and/or software.
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Well, considering I have yet to buy a PSP, I think I will wait on buying a Vita. It's not that I'm being snarky or have anything against the PSP; there are a few games I want to play, games that I for the most part, can pick up for a song now that it's been a few years and almost everything went down in price. I expect the same to be true of the Vita, especially given the stiff competition being presented by smartphone gaming.
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I think this product will be as DOA as the 3DS. Think about it.

Why buy a Vita when you can buy and iPad or iPhone that you will want to carry with you everywhere, that does more, and you can play games on too?

Furthermore, the battery life on the thing is going to be abysmal.

I don't think the Vita will live very long. It will have limited acceptance among a hard core crowd, but it's too expensive and too narrowly focused.

This will be the last round of dedicated, handheld gaming devices.
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