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February 21st 2013 1:56 am

How to improve my battery life?

I bought a new laptop battery from­/hp­-elitebook­-2170p.html ,my former battery was poorly use,so i eager want to know how to improve my battery life .other,this is the original battery ..

Thank you for your reply...

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Tips maintains your battery

1.Our new batteries are discharged and generally has a low capacity (of each blossom is tested prior to shipment). It is highly recommeded to clear the HP EliteBook 2170p battery to 0% of its capacity and to charge overnight and revider to 0% again, made ​​it 3 times to use those capacitées maximum.
2.When you charge your battery for the first time your laptop may indicate that charging is complete after just 10 or 15 minutes. This is a normal battery for HP EliteBook 2170 prechargeable. Simply remove the battery from your laptop and repeat the operation.
3.Chargez and fully discharge every two or three weeks. with its lithium-ion battery for Dell laptop needs a loading and unloading cycle of what is the best way to maintain it. This battery does not suffer the effects of "Memory".
4. The rechargeable battery HP EliteBook 2170p eventually unload them even when not using for a certain time. Never leave your batteries completely discharged. They must remain stored in a state of maximum load and store in a place at room temperature away from heat, dry and away from other metal objects.

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