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June 24th 2011 9:55 pm

How to turn off the mobile site view on an Android Tablet?

So i'm using this Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and one of the sites i went too showed the mobile version. The site didnt have a exit mobile version, so i'm curious is there a wat on the device to do this.
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It's actually not hard to do. Open your browser and type about:debug in the address bar. Then go into settings and you should find a tab labelled Debug. Choose that, then select the item named UA. From there select either Desktop or iPad. Once you've done that enter about:debug in the address bar and you're done.
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I hate to say this, but your best bet is going to be using another browser - most people seem to recommend Dolphin HD the highest (I recommend it too). It has a setting that allows you to change the way pages render unlike the default browser.
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Dolphin HD has an addon that loads on the right of the browser that allows you to toggle between desktop and mobile views it seems to work very well
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This worked for me on the GTab 10.1:­/2011­/01­/26­/how­-to­-force­-android­-to­-...
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