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June 18th 2012 10:46 am

How well do you think iOS 6 will run on an iPhone 4?

From experience with Apple products, both Mac & iOS devices, you're only good for one major OS upgrade (Whole number version upgrade for iOS, +0.1 upgrade for Mac OSX). Although the specs state that it will be compatible for an older device (2 generations back), I've seen these old devices run like molasses after the 2nd upgrade!

I tried running iOS 4.0 on an iPhone 3G (came with iPhone OS 2) which didn't go well, necessitating a downgrade. Also Leopard on a PowerBook, (came with Panther), subsequently downgraded as well. Both devices were good with the 1st upgrade (iPhone 3G upgraded to iPhone OS 3, PowerBook upgraded to Tiger).

I'm afraid that the same thing will happen with my iPhone 4 which came with iOS 4, upgraded to 5... for upgrading to 6?
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I have for the most part shared your belief that usually its good for one major upgrade. (However snow leopard was always better than leopard in my opinion)

I feel like the best option is to wait and see how the community receives the update and then go from there. Unless you are very comfortable downgrading, in which case by all means try be an early adopter.
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geneyus' pick

So far I view the terrible iOS 4 performance on the 3G as an outlier; the original iPhone ran iOS 3 like a champ, the 3GS works well with iOS 5. I've upgraded all my iOS devices as long as Apple would let me, and I've been happy so far with the sole exception of the 3G/iOS 4.

So I'm optimistic that it'll run well on iPhone 4-era devices (my phone is a 4S, but I have two 4th-gen iPod Touches in my household).

That said, I'd second TgD in saying to give it a couple weeks after release and see what the community says then.
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I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 and noticed a minor speed boost, but a slightly shorter battery life. Everything loads a little faster, and some apps seem to download information quicker. A few old apps (that haven't been updated to iOS6) have started randomly crashing, and some navigation elements (back, next, etc.) in newly updated apps look strange, but otherwise I'm happy. The improvements are minor, and thankfully so are the tradeoffs.
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