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April 15th 2012 12:45 pm

HTC One S build quality issue?

I heard about the problem regarding the black (the micro arc oxidation treated one) One S 'casing' easily chipping off on its own. It has also come to my knowledge the HTC will let customers who have already purchased one return it and get a replacement unit. However, I was wondering: if this is the case, what reassurance do they have that the replacement unit will not encounter the same problem? Any news on whether there's already a solution to whatever's causing it to happen? Thanks!

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Well, I am at my third HTC One S in black and all three have very fast shown signs of the micro arc oxidation "coating" chipping off, two within a few days, the third one after a week and a half. It happened each time at the upper rim (or on the upper side parts) where the back cover meets the bezel and forms a rather sharp edge.

I had bought the phone in Mediamarkt in Germany since it wasn't yet out in my country (Belgium) at that time. When bringing in the phone with the defective coating I had done my home work and new HTC had issued a statement that they were aware of the issue and that concerned phones would be exchanged for new ones if brought back within 30 days. Otherwise they would be sent to a specialized supplier where they would be repaired.
This I first had to explain and the department manager then also found an email explaining the exact same thing. After this the phone was exchanged without any problems.

The second time I came across another department manager at the same Mediamarkt and he hadn't heard of the problem neither, assuring me I was the first to bring back an HTC One S with such a problem (it seems Germans mostly buy the grey edition and not the black one), but exchanged the phone without any problems. When I asked if he knew whether the new phone was from a different production series or not or if he could assure me the new one wouldn't be affected by the same problem, he didn't have a clue. He just told me the new one was part of a batch that had been delivered 3 days earlier.

Of course the third phone also showed the same problem after one and a half week, so I will have to drive again some 300 km [196 miles](both ways) to exchange the HTC One S again, but this time I will go for the grey one, enough of that bullshit!!!!

I'm pissed off since it seems such a basic problem but at the shop nobody had a clue and otherwise the phone is really great, I love it.
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