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April 16th 2012 4:37 pm

HTC One S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

My iPhone 4 needs to be replaced. I tried to accomplish the task with a Lumia 800, but as you can read in my review, it didn't go as hoped. Since I am a Telus employee/customer the contenders for my next device include: the HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

As I see it the strengths of the HTC are the camera and the build quality, but it falls short in the qHD PenTile display, and Sense 4 (even if it is greatly improved).

The Galaxy Nexus has the 720p display, and stock Android. The build quality is 'Samsungy' and the camera a little lackluster. However, from my understanding the Nexus camera is on-par with the iPhone 4, and I am quite okay with that.

I would appreciate any ideas as to which device I should choose.
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Play with them in a shop for 20 mins. I did with the One X and G Nex. Despite the One X's better build, far superior camera, and slightly better screen, I went the G Nex. Vanilla ICS was just so much nicer than HTC Sense (IMHO). I was coming from a HTC Desire and just had to have pure Google. No regrets so far.
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How do you feel about size? The One S has a 4.3" screen and the Nexus has a 4.65" screen. The Nexus comes in a tad larger than the One S. While it doesn't sound like much, you are coming from an iPhone so the One S is already a jump in size.

On the camera, I can't say if the Nexus is on par with the iPhone 4, but I do know it is the most negative thing talked about on the phone and then battery life coming in second. I'm not sure about the battery life on the One S.
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Is a better camera really more important to you? If not, (and you can deal with the samsung build quality, which I personally think is acceptable) then you answered your own question.

I think display and OS is more important than Camera in terms of deciding which device to go for
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