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November 18th 2011 5:10 am

I am in Europe. Does it make sense for me to buy a Kindle Fire?

I am interested in buying a tablet for watching video, playing games and web browsing. The Kindle Fire looks like an interesting product.
Although I love Apple products, I do not want to shell out for an iPad, already owning an iPod Touch and a MacBook.
- Will the tablet even work in Europe?
- Could I buy content for it via the Amazon store?
- If not, could I put my own media content on it?
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The US Kindle Fire accepts German Amazon accounts. But you can't shop. For shopping you will need a credit card with an US billing address. So it won't work to register an Amazon account with an US billing address and use a German credit card. That means you can't install any apps, because even the free apps need to have 1-click-shopping activated. The same for Amazon music, video, books etc.

You can copy (via USB/mass storage) videos and music onto the Kindle Fire. I didn't test the cloud storage option.

You can browse the web, set your timezone, but you can't switch keyboard/interface languages yet. If you ask me, the Kindle Fire experience in Europe is awfully limited.
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maxdusseldorf's pick

The Kindle Fire will work in Europe, it only requires WiFi.

You will be able to put your own content and apps on the device.

You will only be able to buy content that is available in your area, which may be none, or a limited set, or similar to what is available in the US, I am not certain. If this is important to you, then you might want to wait for the Kindle Fire to launch in Europe. If you are already able to use Amazon's cloud music player, Video store and video streaming, eBook store, etc... then I don't see why it would not work immediately.
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