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April 16th 2014 7:22 am

I downloaded an upgrade request sent to my note2. Since then my battery runs down very quickly. Any solutions ?

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If it's the official Samsung update, there was likely a bug in a feature that you have enabled. I would start by turning off various features you aren't using / rarely use, when your battery life goes back to what it was before the update you should file a bug report with Samsung, or the offending app's developer.

Chances are if the bug is widespread enough and an issue with the OS itself, they will quickly release a patch for it. At least that was my experience with Motorola in the past.

I myself have switched over to Cyanogenmod on my Galaxy Note II, I became fed up with Samsung's OS and the features they kept locking down on me (Their 4.3 update is what pushed me to finally switch, though I was contemplating it for a while).
I highly recommend doing this, but of course it's your choice. I've been running Cyanogenmod for over 6 months now, and loving it, its snappy, clean, open and my battery life is still close to what it was brand new. It's also very easy to install on a Note II.
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Do you have ogg or m4a files on your SD card? There is a weird quirk with the updates that causes the media server process to drain the battery like crazy if you have these file types on the SD card due to the way it scans files for metadata. I had to convert stuff to mp3 to alleviate this.
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