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May 27th 2011 3:12 am

I have an Acer Iconia A500

Anyone wanna know about the latest android tablet, ask what you want.
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I've got one too, and I love it. I can type pretty fast on it in landscape orientation, not so much in portrait. It is kinda heavy but is in roughly the same weight range as an Ipad. I don't have one here to compare it to. Build quality seems great to me. No creaking or panel gaps or anything like that.

I can plug a flash drive into the USB port and it works fine, although the device doesn't do anything when you plug it in. It mounts the contents of USB devices under /mnt/usb_storage.

I installed mobo player from the android market and I use that to play h.264 and xvid movies from a USB drive.

Also, battery life is excellent so far. Definitely enough to last for a working day or intercontinental flight.

I'm looking forward to the android 3.1 update that's due in the coming weeks.
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How do you feel about the build quality of the device?
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Does it feel heavy? Can you actually type at a reasonable pace (e.g. IM chat or replying to email)? Do the ports work without any configuration - can you just stick a flash drive into the USB port?
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I found that using a third party app that splits the keyboard works well, also the Acer Bluetooth keyboard is critical when writing more than a sentence or two.
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