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June 8th 2010 4:31 pm

I just got my blackberry yesterday. I logged into facebook, and everything was synced automatically, including my contacts and calendars.

I fixed my calendars, but I checked my contact list, and I now have many many duplicates and some are gone! Some contacts have their first name and another contact's last name, and I'm not sure whose numbers they are. I use google sync for my contacts and calendar, but the contacts synced like this to google and they are messed up everywhere! Is there anything that I can do? Thanks

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Hit up your contacts from Gmail, or head to­/contacts,
and hit the "Find duplicates" button in the lower-right area.
You'll be provided with the list of contacts with at least 2 entries each,
which you can view in expanded form, and then either merge together or kill off.
Not that this is some new-fangled tool or an advanced feature,
but I know at least a few Google users' primary annoyances with contacts can be salved,
if not cured, with this little button.

Ahmed provided by (Kevin Purdy) from (LifeHacker)
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