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October 16th 2012 10:13 am

I'm an iPad/iPhone only blogger looking to switch from Squarespace to… something. Suggestions?

My problem with Squarespace is that it requires a desktop browser for full functionality and I'm iOS only. The Squarespace app is decent, but I can't add pages or manage them from it. Also, there's no way to rearrange objects or tweak the theme in Safari for iOS. I want more functionality, ease of use, and editing power because I like posting art and supplemental information at my site, — currently using Blogsy for updates. Looking at WordPress primarily, but maybe there's a better option?
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Give WordPress a shot -- other than the native app (, the native admin tries to be as touch-friendly as possible, and is continually getting better.

The app works with self-hosted WP, or with, and the admin stuff is the same (mostly speaking) between both.

Disclaimer: I work for Automattic, the company that runs
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I'd go with either Tumblr or WordPress. In either case, the hardest part is finding a competent iOS tool for actually creating and posting your content. From what I can tell, though, Blogsy seems to be a good tool that works with either service, and you already have it. Another one you might like to consider is Posts (­/social­-networking­/posts).

That said, one of the things you mentioned is rearranging objects. As far as I know, there is no service other than Squarespace that provides that kind of drag-and-drop control over page elements on a per-post basis. If that's really important to you, I don't know of any alternatives I can suggest.

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you. I wrestled with blogging platforms for months and found the experience frustrating, and I wasn't even dealing with the iOS-only constraint you have.
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I know that you said that you want iOS only (and @beaulebens: I totally respect WordPress, its fantastic), but if you are willing to look into other options, try Jux. Its a great platform that I recently started using. It's desktop only (no apps on either platform), but it's a pleasure to use. It might just be me, but after using Posterous' terrible media tools, Jux was a total breath of fresh air. It's very media-oriented, but text looks fine too. Lots of editing tools are available. Oh, and its free (they don't have an option to buy a domain, but Jux makes it really easy to take a purchased domain from somewhere else and reroute it to your Jux site.

It's not a popular platform, so it also gives you some hipster-cred... if that matters :p

Wordpress is great, but give Jux a chance. Its free, so you really can't go wrong.

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