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I'm finding that my Archos (running firmware 2.0.38) is somewhat unstable.

Every now and then I will be playing a video and the thing will suddenly pause for anywhere from a half a second to several seconds. Also I'd say maybe 1 in every 50 videos causes the thing to lock up hard (have to forcibly power it down by holding the button down for 10 seconds or whatever). I mostly watch H.264 with MP3 or AAC audio and subtitles (fansubbed anime), usually standard def (640 x something or 720 x something), sometimes 720p. In general this thing feels somewhat less stable than my old (non-Android) Archos 5, which I never had any problems with, providing I fed it appropriately formatted files. Are the Android-based Archos tablets known to be more "fussy" when it comes to file formats it can deal with, or do I have a bad unit?

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