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May 9th 2010 10:04 pm

I'm just wondering... I want to get a nook, mainly to use it as a manga/comic reader on top of text-only books. I have a huge collection on my hard drive.

most are either folders of jpgs, .zip or cbz/cbr files and I know I can convert most of them into a epub file. My main concern is, will the nook stretch out or misplace text from the original speech bubbles? I've heard it's ok now but I really want to make sure.
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It won't stretch it; it'll retain the original resolution. Additionally, nook does support viewing .jpgs and .pdfs natively, and nothing is ever skewed!
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I am sorry I don't know. I would think and iPad with its color screen would be a better device for graphic novels and comic books. But then again what do I know. Best of luck.
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I have no idea to be honest. If I remember to I'll attempt to convert some manga pages tonight and load em up to see how it works for you.
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Just to give you some other options, I don't have a nook but I have an iPad and ComicZeal... you can just drag and drop zips, rars, cbz, cbrs and they just work. It's an incredible comic/manga reading platform.

Goodreader is awesome for reading PDFs, like this 184MB, 4k page "the complete calvin and hobbes" somebody let me borrow. It's faster than many desktops...
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the new NOOK tablet and 1.4 update for the NOOK color support reading of CBZ files. It has the same reading experience for the NOOK comics.
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