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July 26th 2011 5:49 pm

I'm looking for the best, compact point and shoot camera out there. What do folks recommend?

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Canon S95, hands down.

I have the Canon S90, which is the precursor of the S95 (they're pretty much the same camera except for video -- S95 does 720p vs VGA in the S90 -- and some other slight improvements). But it really is a fantastic point and shoot. It's easily the best camera you can get in that size.

Don't believe me? Check out a bunch of our previous discussion on the S90 / S95!­/discuss­/whenever­-i­-meet­-someone­-with­-a­-ca...­/discuss­/this­-is­-what­-the­-s90­-should­-have­-...­/question­/canon­-s95­-s­-seem­-to­-be­-unavailab...

Even the reviews on gdgt are pretty outstanding. Currently rated 4.5 out of 5.­/canon­/powershot­/s95­/reviews/
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Mo, I'd recommend always looking to Ken Rockwell's recommendations on cameras.­/tech­/recommended­-cameras.htm

And he recommends that S95 too,­/canon­/s95.htm which he calls it the "World's Best Pocket Camera."
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Agree with Dave, you can't go wrong with the S95.
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I'm with Dave. Without a doubt, the S95. I have the S90 and this is basically the same camera but better.
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I'd say now the choice would be the Canon S100; but if you want some real options and don't mind a bit of lens bulk, then a Olympus PEN camera (take your pick) with the super nice Panasonic Lumix F1.7 20mm lens is an amazing package in micro 4/3rds.
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