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June 2nd 2012 3:16 pm

I'm moving to Australia in a month, what can I do to make the move easier for my tech?

Like what the title says, I'm moving to Australia for work in July and I have a bunch of tech (mostly game related) that I'm worried will become useless in Australia.
  1. If I get an NTSC to PAL converter for my PS2 and Dreamcast (I still have a couple games I gotta finish), will I be sacrificing picture quality?
  2. Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 both use HDMI, can I use it on a PAL TV or will I have to get a monitor with HDMI ports?
  3. If I get on PSN or Xbox Live from Australia will it automatically switch to the Australian version of PSN (Google Play does this which is extremely annoying) or will it be able to retain the US PSN/Xbox Live store?
  4. For Android, how can I keep Google Play from switching over to the Australian Google Play store?
  5. At the work site, I'll only be limited to 8GB/month of data (anything over comes out of my own pocket). Is there a browser for the desktop that lowers data usage like Opera Mobile for phones?
  6. Will Netflix be completely inaccessible in Australia even if I keep paying for it using my American credit card?
  7. I'll be in Curtis Island, Queensland (near Gladstone), what's the best network for 3G in that area?
  8. Are there any sort of unusual Internet related laws I gotta watch out for? For example, is Australian internet censored?
That's all I can think of right now. Thanks for any help! :)
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Live in Australia (Brisbane). Don't have all the answers but will try a few:

1. Nope - should be fine.
2. As long as the TV has a HDMI port it'll be fine, i.e. not an old CRT... (You can buy every bit of connector you could want here anyway...)
3. Probably will go to the local one, but have no idea really. Not a gamer.
4. Think it will switch to the local store - or stick with the store based on the sim card in the phone. I.e., is not linked to your google account, but rather, your i.p. address or sim. Which is why I was able to use TOR to get access to google music in Australia...
5. Yep, I think Opera is the way to go.
6. No netflix... :(. Best we can do easily is iTunes, Google Play Movies (not music...), Quickflix.
7. Never been, but generally in a remote area - Telstra. If you're bringing your own phone check the 3G frequency as Telstra is different to others. I'd bring an unlocked phone and just grab a few different pre-paid sims (about $10 each - probably free if you just go into a phone store and ask try them) and try them all, before settling. Optus and Vodafone are the other two networks. Vodafone tends to be the cheapest. Telstra the most expensive.
8. Nope. No different than the US. Internet filter has never been able to get support enough to make it as legislation to be voted on.
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I am going to answer this as best I can.

1. No, it shouldn't affect quality at all. I think it is just a straight conversion
2. No idea, sorry
3. Microsoft is a region locked nightmare. Perhaps read this, or google to see how hard this will be­/showthread.php­?t­=8072...

4. Sorry don't know
5. Look into Opera for Desktop's built in "Turbo Mode" I believe this does the function of Opera Mini's copmpression
6. If you try directly, you can't. Same thing happens here in canada. If you find a reliable USA based proxy that is fast enough, you can connect to american netflix through that. is a good proxy, but there is a monthly fee
7. Don't know
8. Years ago there was talks of a three strike piracy law, where ISPs would be responsible for cutting off your service if you pirate. Not sure if any law was actually passed­/29162­/australian­-government­-may­-...

I have never been to Australia, but as a Canadian I face some of the international issues that they would. Hope I was able to help a bit
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I dont know anwser of all questions. But Netflix is also blocked in my country. I am using a Proxy Website to unblock and other blocked websites.
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