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November 10th 2011 3:47 am

I need a good review and comparison to the best there is right now?

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Here is an interesting website that attempts to give ratings to camera sensors and allow you to compare them. This is very useful when trying to choose between a few models in your price range. I don't think this site is definitive, but I like their attempt to be scientific about it.­/index.php­/Cameras­/Camera­-Sensor­-Ra...
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The Nikon 3DX and 3DS are better cameras than the 5D Mk II . . . if you are not already invested in Canon glass. Canon's 1Ds is more an answer to the 3DX/3DS than it is to the D700. One has to wonder how long it will be before Canon refreshes the 5D Mk II - which is more comparable to the D700.

There are cameras with even larger sensors than the full frame sensor DSLRs from Nikon and Canon; but they tend to be beasts (really large and heavy) and are very much pro cameras. Check out Mamiya and Hasselblad if massive sensors turn your crank.

As to what constitutes "best" . . . that really depends on your needs and budget. You don't need a DSLR to take great photos or shoot great video. As is the case with audio gear, the question is what you are willing to bear to improve quality. There are certainly situations where portability or a more discrete camera will get you a shot that you might not get encumbered by a DSLR.
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Hmm, not quite sure what you're asking for, but I'm going to assume you want a review of the EOS 5D Mark II and you're asking if it's the best there is.

This video is from one of the best camera review sites out there:­/user­/DigitalRevCom­#p­/search­/1­/3D1p...

Right now, the EOS 5D Mark II is one of the best cameras in the world, rivaled only by the Nikon D700. However, the EOS-1Ds is probably the best dSLR even though it's very expensive (­/best­-professional­-dslr­-cameras/). Canon is going to be releasing the EOS-1Dx (­/tech­/products­/story­/2011­-11­-05­/ca...) which is undoubtedly going to be the top dog on the market.
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