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July 13th 2010 10:22 pm

I need a new pair of clip-on headphones. Does anyone know how these perform?

One good thing I've noticed is that this pair doesn't seem to have a retractable cord, which is good because that's the thing that always broke for me with Sony clip-on headphones.
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I've never been a fan of clip-ons. The inadequate purchase, and the sonic compromises involved in having a pair of drivers hanging onto your ears for dear life.

The Koss KSC-75 does hang on pretty well, and has a decent reputation among 'audiophiles' (along with the attendant 'I have no sense of style whatsoever' looks) - although I suspect the rep is more down to the price/performance ratio (sub-$15) + warranty (lifetime) aspect.­/koss­/ksc75/
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