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I use these headphones with my iPhone, is there anyway I can use something to allow me to listen to and answer calls while I have these on?

Some kind of microphone adapter?
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Monster cable makes an adapter to accomodate a mike. The headset plugs in to the adapter, adapter into the iPhone. The adapter is on a short cable and has the buttons and mike built in. Works fine.
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Yes, you may purchase the QC 15/QC 2 mobile communications kit directly from Bose here:­/controller­?url­=­/shop­_online­/headphone...

All should be explained on the Bose website.
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When you plug in normal headphones into the iPhone jack, it keeps the internal mic on. So if you just hold the phone to your mouth and speak, you'll be able to communicate with your headphones on and hear the voices. Just like you can plug it into an auxiliary jack in your car and still use the mic in the phone itself.
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Bose also sales a cable that has a mic and button like the iphone headphones.
i personally have never seen them but have seen them on the Bose website.
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