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May 10th 2011 4:04 pm

I've been hanging with Palm for a while now. Still rocking my original Pre minus on sprint. But seeing as how I haven't updated phones now in 2 yrs.

I'm starting to yearn for a new phone. Should I feel safe holding out for the Pre 3 to be released, whenever that will be, or should I just get an android phone? Some of the new OS announcements from google at their I/O are very tempting. What if i do hold out till July for the Pre 3? Is there a device that I should choose over it? Remember i'll be on Sprint and that's non negotiable considering how cheap they are for their family plans. All thoughts are appreciated.
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Now we know Pre3 ain't coming to Sprint. I trust Nilay Patel at to have good info. It's possible Pre3 isn't coming but a Pre4/Slab is coming, the the information he has is that Sprint is done with HPalm.
With the rumors of iPhone coming to Sprint this fall, I've decided to join the Evil Empire (joke). Like you, I won't leave Sprint. iOS 5 is getting new notifications, plus iOS messaging etc. I really like new rumors of future iPhones getting inductive charging. So I'm going that way. I'll make my Pre- last as long as possible but then I'm gone.
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I was in the exact same boat as you, but as of yesterday, caved and used my upgrade to get the Nexus S 4G. I thought I would be sad to part with WebOS, but I really am not at this point. HP/Palm just took too long on this one.

Now, like all other Android users, I'm looking forward to having access to the large expanse of the Android market, and tighter integration with Google Apps. Android is gaining a large homebrew community as well, which was one of the main things keeping me with WebOS.

I'm glad that the Nexus S came to Sprint, as it really is much cheaper than other carriers with a family plan, and unlimited data is the only way to go.
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If you really dig webOS, you could wait for the Pre 3. It will be a great phone, albeit not top-of-the-line hardware wise. For me the reason to get it will be for the webOS experience. Right now I'm not sure if it will be available for Sprint, but holy hell it better be ffs.

As much as I prefer webOS to Android, the latter is getting more and more refined as time goes on. A phone you buy now will likely be upgraded to Ice Cream in the future. The hardware and form factor options for Android are expansive.

When Android handles notifications, synergy, and multitasking as good as webOS does, then I have no reason to recommend a HP/Palm handset to anyone.
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I stuck with my Palm Pre for a while too but all the info coming out of HP/Palm?Sprint seemed to suggest that Sprint wouldn't be getting new HP/Palm hardware anytime soon.

I LOVE WebOS and truly think it's one of the best OS' out there, but unless HP ups their hardware game, it's going to go south quickly.

I currently have the Epic 4G and am satisfied with Android but not thrilled. Definitely appreciate the wider variety of apps available though.
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