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I've been lagging behind in terms of GPU choices for a gaming machine since I've been using my PS3/360 for that purpose.

If I want to buy a gaming laptop, can anybody tell me what kind of GPU should I be looking for for a decent performance? Thing is, GPU is progressing very rapidly, yet many are still selling laptops with older gens of the chips. Any insight is appreciated.
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Most of the time, you don't buy a laptop GPU, but rather a whole system. CPU type, System & GPU RAM, preloaded software all can impact GPU performance. So the best way to evaluate laptop GPU performance is to look at the whole system and check benchmarks that compare the gaming performance of a whole system vs comparing X GPU vs Y GPU. You might be surprised that a "slower" GPU delivers faster benchmarks, because of other variables that were changed.

Anandtech & Engadget do what I feel are good retail laptop reviews.

However GPU performance is still a very significant factor, and most of the time if the GPU of laptop X is faster than the GPU of laptop Y, then Laptop X will be a better performing laptop for games. So a list of benchmarks that compare present and past generation GPUs would be very helpful.­/Mobile­-Graphics­-Cards­-Benchm...

Combine the benchmark list (use its custom feature to add newer tests like 3DMark Vantage and real world games) with retail laptop reviews, you should be able to make a informed decision on the best laptop for your needs.
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