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I've been thinking about picking one of these up.

Now that they've added support for Rdio (which I absolutely adore), I'm totally interested! For those who've had them for awhile, what do you think? Are you still listening to a lot of music on it? Does it sound good?

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I got one of these last month. The sound is definitely not as "crisp" as the Klipsch 2.1s I have but it still sounds better than a lot of other "all-in-one" units I've heard. The Sonos solution as a whole is really top-notch.
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I recently got two S5's and a ZoneBridge. Love the sound so much, I went back a week later and bough 2 more S5's to fill out the house! The sound is much better than what I expected, and they are incredibly easy to setup & use. Of course, they are not the best sound compared to high end speaker systems, but they do a great job across lots of genres & internet streams.
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