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I've been using the WGR614 wireless router for at least a year and I've reached a point now where it regularly has to be reset [unplugged and…

replugged] to actually have the wireless work again. Does anyone have suggestions for a good replacement router to upgrade from this one to?

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I previously had version 1 of that router from years ago, and it also got to that point of needing reset all the time to get wifi working again. I went with the Netgear WNR3500L, and I am loving it. I put the DD-WRT open source firmware on it, which I'd highly recommend, and it's been rock solid for over a year now.

I can't speak to the stock firmware reliability, but from the quick look I did just to login in to load the new firmware, it hasn't gotten much better over the years. It looked pretty much identical to the the administration area of the WGR614, which doesn't bode well for it's robustness if you ask me. So if you go with the WNR3500L, definitely look into DD-WRT for it. This right here should get you started should you need it:

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