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October 18th 2011 10:42 pm

I want a gaming headset, which ones are good?

Earlier this year I asked about the A40s and Turtle Beaches here on gdgt, and finally decided for the Astros. But for some reason, Astro decided not to sell me the headset because they failed to verify my credit card/bank account. They told me to try some things, but in the end and after two weeks of waiting, I gave up and forgot about headsets. Besides, the international shipping was freaking expensive (about $100).

Then I read this review of the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 on Engadget:­/2011­/05­/30­/turtle­-beach­-ear­-force...

They look great, but a lot of people keep complaining about how they are on a 2.4GHz frequency.

Another headset that looks good, the Tritton AX Pro, and they are cheap (though, I'm willing to pay up to $250 for a good gaming headset):­/Tritton­-Digital­-Precision­-Gaming­-He...

I would use them mainly for playing on my PS3 and XB360, and watch bluray movies. Any suggestions?

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I have Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX 21 headphones. They are wired which in my opinion makes the sound quality far superior to wireless headphones. The 7.1 simulation allows you to tell which direction a Cobra helicopter is coming from in COD.
I had Turtle Beach X (something or other) wireless headphones that used IR for transmission. As long as you were within visual range of the transmitter, you were fine but it was only stereo.
The other added benefit of the DPX 21's is that it works on anything (XBox, PS3, PC, MP3 player, etc.).
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