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August 12th 2011 9:39 am

I want to buy a graphic card for my desktop..

My full Pc specs:
Intel Core i5
and curretn GPU: Nvidia 9500 GT
The problem with this GPU is that it fails whe playing few selected games like Assassins Creed Series and others..
Please suggest me a overall good graphic card for my PC as im confused to buy..
Nvidia is recommended
and price also matters.... )
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It depends on how much you want to spend. Graphics cards have a wide range in price. You should also take a look at AMD cards. I have an AMD Radeon HD5870 and it can run anything I throw at it with ease on high with a decent framerate, it's just a little old. I would take a look at XFX cards, as they have a lifetime warranty on their cards.

Also, do you want to have a dual GPU setup a la Crossfire or SLI?
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Honestly an Nvidia GTX 560 or slightly faster 560TI discreet graphics card is the one to get, it is around 230 dollars and worth every penny. It will play any game with acceptable FPS. The two big questions are -what kind of power supply do you have (you need a couple 4 and/or 6 pin molex connectors) and what resolution are you gaming on? If its 1080p or less, the gtx 560 /5606ti is one to get. Looks like this is an old post so what did you decide on?
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