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December 5th 2013 10:50 am

I want to buy a new phone. Which one should I buy?

I live in India. Here there are no carrier contract phones available & everything is unlocked. I want to buy a new phone. My budget is around ₹22,000 ($349).
I am so confused. At $349 Nexus 5 is an option but in India it is available for ₹29,000($470). I also considered Nokia 720 which is available for ₹14,000($227) and Moto G (currently not in India).
I was thinking of purchasing the phone from USA. Is it ok to buy from US?
Is there any better option available? Or should I wait for some new launch?

Please help me.
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Buying a phone from the US shouldn't be an issue, just be VERY careful to check and make sure that the radio bands in the phone match the network you intend to use it on in India. The only hiccup will be getting it shipped to you! Unless you have someone buy the phone inside the US, and ship it to you themselves, most carriers and companies won't ship directly to you.
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If you want the latest version of Android , get the Nexus 5 ; but , if you like the Microsoft Windows style better get the Nokia Lumia 720. Though, the Nexus 5 is better.
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A Moto G purchased in the US would not have warranty in India. Alos, Radio Bands will not be an issue in India for Moto G.

Moreover Motorola is launching the phone in January, in India.
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Buy Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
(1.5 GB RAM, Quad Core, 5.25 inch, etc..)

Read the blog for more info.­/2014­/01­/whats­-there...
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Hi buddy if you are looking for a phone out of India and if you are planning to purchase it in US or ... Only just buy the unlocked version of the device, that's it, and a Nexus 4 is not a bad choice, actually it is a excellent choice if you are particular on buying an Android device (In your budget).­/LG­-Unlocked­-International­-Version­-W... and check that link out :-)
Finally android has more Applications than Windows at the moment so it would be wiser to buy an Android device.
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Buy Asus or Samsung :)
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