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I was trying to decide between a Nook, and the new Kindle DX. Now there's this. I'm not sure. Advice?

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For the price, this new kindle seems to be the one to beat, if you want a dedicated device. Kindle keeps this pretty locked down though, so I don't know if you are able to side load books that are not in their format. Ironically the most flexible device currently when it comes to ebooks is the iPad, but you'll be paying considerably more for that.
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If you have a local library that offers ebooks to be borrowed in the ePub format, then I would not touch the Kindle series due to the lack of support for ePub. The Nook offers support for the ePub format and would allow you to borrow ebooks from your library.
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Yeah, I think this is the ebook reader to beat. Improved screen, storage, and battery life. Plus for $139 US for the wifi only model? Easy!
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I've only played with the nook in stores, but personally I already preferred the 2nd gen Kindle. I think the improvements to the 3rd gen make it pretty much a no-brainer. The one exception I might say is if you've got hang-ups about Amazon's proprietary format.
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I have played with the previous generation kindle and nook, and I prefer the kindle. The feel is about the same but the kindle UX is much more appealing to me because of the incredibly simple controls and navigation on the kindle. With the updates to the kindle I think it's a no-brainer unless you really prefer the content offered through barnes & noble over that of amazon.
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What about pdf support on this version? Is it up to snuff?
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