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June 29th 2010 5:35 pm

If I buy a Palm Pre Plus from ATT and unlocked it for use in Costa Rica, will I be able to purchase from the app catalouge?

When I had a Palm Treo I bought apps from sites like Handango and there wasn't any problem... what is the deal now?
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WOW that was quick. Mactanzi, I have found your solution, and it turns out it isn't even a hack. All it takes is for you to put your Pre in developer mode and install one simple app. heres the link, one to the Actual source and one to the article that helped me find it:
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Mactanzi, I'm not sure about the App Catalog in Costa Rica, but if you're willing to hack your phone, do some googling and look for the homebrew app store. I learned about it from one of my favorite tech sites. I'll try and look for the article again to see if I can help you skip the google step.
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