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September 21st 2011 10:37 am

If you've had the first PSP, how likely is it that you are going to purchase the Vita?

Personally, I'm a bit apprehensive about purchasing the Vita and this is based on my experience with the first PSP. I remember the day I bought the PSP (March 24, 2005). I couldn't wait to get out of school (10th grade) to go pick up my preorder at Gamestop. It was the first video game device that I saved my hard earned $249.99 plus tax to purchase along with a few other games. All was great at first, but then it would be weeks before a game worth noticing would come out. Those weeks then turned to months until finally a game of a high caliber (like GOW: Ghost of Sparta) was released just so that cycle would continue again (I ended up selling my PSP some time after because I had to buy some winter boots). Too much money went into that system for me without receiving the constant developer support we gamers look forward to in the long run. To sum it up, I don't want to buy it for the first few great hits just so I can play it nonstop the first six months and then have it collecting dust the next couple of years after.

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I've got a lot of enthusiasm for the Vita, but truth be told I'm probably going to be a little late on the next console generation all around. I have such a pile of backlogged games that between my conscience and budget, I'll need to wait up a little bit before moving on.

That said, backwards compatibility for the games I've bought on PSP will make the PSV a lot easier to swallow. Between that and the great PS franchises like Uncharted and Resistance that'll be seeing PSV titles at/near launch, it looks like a very appealing handheld.
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N3SSQwiK's pick

I'll be buying the PSVita day one (and selling my PSP3000 around then) a couple factors play into that.
1) Opening game list seems great! (I do have a lot of remakes that I want to play since I didnt play the originals)
2) PSN backwards compatibility means that the games I haven't finished yet can fill the gaps on PSV native games.
3) Very cheap developer kit (relatively haha) seems to imply companies will be more willing to put out games
4) 75% of my gaming is now "on the go"

It just kind of works out for me. Even despite the battery life, psp history, etc. Hopefully I dont get burned ;)
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I had a PSP before and sold it. Hardware wise, one thing I felt missing was dual analog sticks. Vita has that so I'm definitely interested in that respect. But also, I wasn't very impressed by the library. Like you, I played and beat GOW and after that didn't see very many titles I was interested in. I was looking for console games on my portable device. Unfortunately, game studios make completely different games for portables. For example, I'm interested in the Uncharted coming out for Vita, I don't think it'll follow the same story as Uncharted 3 on the consoles. Bummer. So I'm tempted but I'll probably stay away from Vita and just stick to console gaming.
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N3SSQwiK's pick

Pretty likely. I really liked the PSP when it debuted. I had long been put off by Nintendo's mobile offerings, but the PSP was so good. Furthermore, since it is not my primary device, I don't really require that I have tons of games for it. So, as long as the Vita isn't anything like the PSP Go(trainwreck) and doesn't get price like an Apple product(PS3), then I'll get one. Still, I'm a late adopter when it comes to consoles, so I probably won't get the Vita until they drop the price and give the console a refresh.
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I'm going to get it for sure. One of the things that Sony excels at is getting a bunch of traditional J-RPG games that I love and the PSP has a bunch of them that I want to play and I'm sure that the PSV will have a bunch as well. I can't wait. :D
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