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March 22nd 2011 10:15 am

Im an Apple fanboy but Im interested in the playbook due to its size and I do like the look of the OS.

Ive never had any products from RIM and was thinking of pre-ordering this from bestbuy and getting my friend to send it to Japan.

I'd like to know how RIMs app store works ? Is it like Webos which is region locked ?? How do you buy apps ???

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Purchasing apps works by associating a credit card or Paypal account to your Blackberry ID (which you already have or you sign up for when you first turn on the Playbook).

You enter in your information once, then it will be stored with your account to be used any time you want to buy an app.

Here's a quick demo I found on the Blackberry site:­/playbook­/na­/us­/gen­/­?­=chapterp...

As for being region locked, I can't speak to that specifically. I live in Canada, and can say I was able to install apps during a recent trip to the USA (though that's hardly a vastly different 'region')
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