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February 13th 2012 11:01 pm

Is 1920x1080 pretty much the standard for 24" monitors these days?

Looking to buy a new monitor (around 24") to use as an external for coding on my MacBook Air but I haven't really paid attention to them in a while. It looks like all the reasonably-priced ones on Newegg are 1920x1080. Is that pretty much the norm these days or should I look for something better? Also, recommendations would be appreciated.
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1920x1080 is pretty much standard now, anything higher significantly increases the price. I currently have this one,­/dell­/ultrasharp­/u2410/ , for my Macbook Pro and it works great. I keep the MBP on the side as a small secondary monitor for email, wunderlist, notational velocity and shifted everything to the Dell for main work. Resolution is high enough for me and I get a lot of screen real estate.
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What the. How can you possibly need more than that on 24"? You'd be hard-pressed to see anything..
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1680-1050 and 1920x1080 are the common resolutions for 22-24'. HP and Dell make really good monitors, I have had some hit and miss with Asus and Samsung makes great TV but I am not sure about computer screens.
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