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May 12th 2012 11:15 pm

Is anyone aware of a WiFi-enabled, Android device of comparable size to the 6th Gen iPod Nano?

I realize that the Archos 14 Vision is of this form-factor. But I would very much prefer an Android-based OS. I don't need video. In fact I would prefer it not. Just want a solid, but tiny, Wifi device with a good OS. I might even consider an iPod Nano if it had iOS and wifi access.

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I am pretty sure nothing like this exists. Android wasn't designed for such a small screen and there would be no apps that support it.

The only thing remotely close to what you would want is the Motorola Active watch which runs "android" but is more an embedded form of android that you do not have access to the OS­/2011­/10­/18­/motorola­-actv­-a­-smart­-fit...
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I am aware of the­/motorola­/flipout/
It's fairly small when closed.

I am also aware of the­/allerta­/pebble/
Again, very small form-factor.

Also, not to be out-done­/2009­/10­/16­/lg­-gd910­-watch­-phone­-r...
The LG watch phone, including some of the features I am looking for, sans Android.

Maybe it will be possible to mod the pebble... or LG watch phone...
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Yes, there is something exactly like this: https:­/­/

It's a nano-sized wifi/bluetooth device that plays music, has GPS, and connects to motorola phones for SMS and call display (I believe). It recently came down from $249 to $149.
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Interestingly, both Apple iOS and Android are fundamentally the same structurally-- they are both device interfaces (not true operating systems) which use Linux as the base kernel and operating system and Java to create what we see as the interface and the app packs (apk and ipa) files. Apple iOS is controlled by one company and Android is completely open source-- anyone can make any app they can dream of and any permutation and combination of hardware. Really both iOS and Android are essentially open source based products one that has chosen to lock things down and the other that has chosen to keep things open. Apple takes the position- by controlling both hardware and software they end up with the most reliable and enjoyable product-- Apple does an excellent job and though I am more of a fan of Android and it's true open source- open hardware model, I don't hesitate to add iPads and other Apple products to my tech arsenal. I just love the iPod touch and Nano (makes a perfect watch too.). On the other hand, if they continue with the bogus patent suits, which I believe does great harm to innovation and ultimately to Apple... I will not be inclined to give them my business anymore. Apple really needs to fold up the tent on that plan and turn back inward towards product development- in their new super high tech torus shaped center in Northern California.

Countless thousands of products have sprung forth from all the major mobile phone platforms and yet there is no end in sight to the innovation. Unrestrained freedom is the key.

Now I can't wait to see the new phablets-- especially that new Galaxy Note 2-- small has it's place too like the nano and other Android small devices. I love the large screen on the Note 2 but also love the nano in it's own right. I think the future will be one where we have multiple devices to meet different situations.
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