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August 31st 2011 7:38 pm

Is anyone else's, cursor disappearing when they use Flash in a browser running on OS X 10.7?

I've found that when I use Flash in Safari, my mouse cursor disappears after I hold and drag something in a flash object. The only way to make the cursor come back is to move it outside of the area of the flash applet. Has anyone found a fix/workaround?
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I hate to say this, but there are a lot of bugs with Flash. I haven't encountered this one specifically, but it's pretty much known to be a terrible application - it leaks up memory, hogs battery life (if you're on a laptop) and can cause browsers to crash. Following Peterto's suggestion the other day, I actually uninstalled Flash from my MacBook and started using the updated version of Chrome (that has all of the Lion functionality) because it has Flash built in to the browser so there's no need for an external version of Flash.

Your bug doesn't surprise me, and if you decide to stick with a standalone copy of Flash on your system your best bet is going to be either waiting for the next update, or you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling it to see if it fixes your problem.

Good luck!
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Hey guys, I wanted to reply to say that I've found a solution for this issue. As odd as it may sound, the Flash 11 beta/relase candidate actually fixes this. (A beta that's more stable than a release build, IMAGINE THAT!) Go to this page:­/downloads­/flashplayer11.html

Run the uninstaller (to uninstall your old version of flash), then run the installer for Flash Player 11.
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that problem occurs sometimes in chrome too- mostly with hulu
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