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August 11th 2011 2:23 pm

Is implementing 'Beats' audio hardware in device a gimmick or does it actually make a difference?

After reading the recent partnership of Beats and HTC I wondered how better would a smartphone's audio might sound. I have a HTC HD7 and I use it with my Bose in-ear headphones, the audio quality compared to my ipod touch is abysmal(volume is low and flat). Hopefully things get better with this partnership.
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The cynic in me sees this as nothing more than marketing. Celebrity endorsements are one of the older advertising approaches, and there is close to a complete disconnect between the endorsements and the quality of the products being pitched. My less cynical response is that anything that may raise the audio quality bar in mobile devices is most welcome.

One specific observation: Beats is primarily a headphone company. If the transfer of engineering know-how is the question, it is hard to see there being any immediate benefit as expertise in headphone design probably does not equate to expertise in source design; and, even if that were the case, it might take a complete product cycle for the Beats influence to appear in an HTC product. So. Six to twelve months for the first HTC products with Beats electronics? Anything sooner, and we are probably safe in assuming it is complete marketing BS.
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While it is true that Beats started out as a headphone company it has become much more than that. Beats now make headphones, speakers and computer/mobile hardware.

The web is packed with hate against Beats Audio. Some claim it's a scam, some claim that Beats Audio is just a EQ bass increase. None is true. There is actual hardware in HP computer with Beats Audio, as well as in the new HTC phone.

I own a pair of Beats Studio headphones and my brother happened to buy a HP with Beats Audio. If you would compare listening to music with the HP laptop with a new Ipod, the difference would be as much as comparing 5 dollar headphones with the Beats Studio ones. It truly is a different dimension when you combine the quality of Beats headphones with the Beats Audio.

I'm upset how people claim that the whole Beats company is just based on false marketing and lies. People who actually have Beats, know that the company is definitavely not based on advertisement. The sound quality Beats brings is unbelievable.
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Beats audio on HP laptops is a lot of EQ. It might be an upgraded audio card, I don't know. But I do know that when I turn on Beats Audio, it boosts the high and bass EQ to the max, and when I turn it off, it reduces the bass to the lowest possible setting and the highs back down to flat.

This makes the difference a lot bigger when you turn it on and off. When its on, it makes music bass heavy, and when its off, the bass is very lacking. If you set the EQ to flat, then turn the Beats Audio on and off again, it sets the EQ back to a huge bass cut. Its mostly a gimmick.

Currently, I have the EQ set to flat and I will never turn on Beats Audio again.
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