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February 10th 2013 11:29 am

Is it good to move from Windows 8 Pro to Mac OS X 10.8 ( hackintoshed ) ?

I can hackintosh my PC but I just don't know is is good enough for me or not , Because the Speed of Win8 and the Metro are great ! Are the advantages more in this movement or the disadvantages ?
I Don't use my PC for Gaming !

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thats a tough one. Personally for me OSX is great and i have all the applications i need running on it. I also have a Windows machine because there are just some things i can't get to run on a Mac. you will have more compatibility on a Windows box then a Mac but even that gap is a lot smaller then it used to be.

Personally i think the fun part of the hackintosh is building and getting the OS to run. the entire process of setting it up is what i enjoy the most.

as to is it worth it, yes if you like building/hacking part of the equation.

Also couldn't you always set up a dual boot scenario on the machine and both?
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